Range Of Application

Owing to the increased penetration depth of approx. 1-3mm, this method is mainly used for work pieces with a thickness of 2mm and more. In the standard versions, the drawn arc stud welders are also suitable for being operated with shielding gas and short-cycle drawn arc. Depending on the case of application and requirement, you should check which of these process variants should be applied. Drawn arc stud welding generates high-quality welding joints and is especially suitable when high demands relevant to safety regulations are made on the welding quality. The application of this welding method has proved very successful e.g. in the structural steel engineering, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding construction and civil engineering, power plant and nuclear power plant construction, boiler construction, apparatus engineering, insulating engineering, reinforced concrete construction ect. The ratio between minimum sheet thickness and stud diameter amounts to 1 : 4.